#150: What’s a feminist mom to do? In our 150th podcast, humorist Devorah Blachor lifts the veil on all things glittery and pink as we find out why our daughters are more princess-obsessed than ever. We talk about her brand new book THE FEMINIST’S GUIDE TO RAISING A LITTLE PRINCESS: HOW TO RAISE A GIRL WHO’S AUTHENTIC, JOYFUL, AND FEARLESS–EVEN IF SHE REFUSES TO WEAR ANYTHING BUT A PINK TUTU (TarcherPerigree). And, of course, because you’re listening to Atomic Moms, we also speak candidly about depression, being your children’s ally, and the time Sabrina tried to open mouth kiss me because she saw Prince Eric and Ariel do it in the book. xx Ellie Knaus, host


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About Our Guest: 

Devorah Blachor is the author of The Feminist’s Guide to Raising a Little Princess. She’s also written novels, humor, personal essays, scripts, grant proposals, newsletters for disorganized NGOs, content for obsolete websites, IT brochures, a mediocre college thesis, refrigerator notes, letters for the Prime Minister of Israel and doodles of three dimensional boxes. She lives with her husband and two kids.

#NapTime Read by our Guest: Turn Your Princess-Obsessed Toddler Into a Feminist in Eight Easy Steps (New York Times)

chaos at my place.

#149 Get out the wine and the last of the Halloween candy! I’ve been leaning heavy on the experts as of late, and it was about damn time we had an unfiltered mom podcast full of laughter, commiseration, and perfectionism undone. TV star Claire Coffee played Adalind on NBC’s supernatural show GRIMM for six seasons. She, along with her musician husband Chris Thile (Yo Yo Ma told him where to get the engagement ring), and their son 2.5 year-old Calvin, rocked out at our home between A Prairie Home Companion with Chris Thile west coast shows. We talk about the struggle between being creatively fulfilled and getting Mom sh*t done, mama separation anxiety, traveling the world with a toddler, and how parenting is SO DIFFERENT with Ellie’s second child. We love to play into the ridiculousness of our wacky family life with our creative husbands, and give ourselves and each other a hard time in this episode, but I’d be remiss not to say Claire Coffee is one of the most generous and thoughtful women on this planet and a huge reason this podcast exists. We all need a mom friend who commiserates but doesn’t accept any self-defeating excuses and sends tubs of ice cream when you’re on bed rest. xx Ellie Knaus

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ABOUT CLAIRE COFFEE: “TV actress who you may have seen on Grimm, Franklin & Bash, The West Wing.” – That’s what she texted me. She’s too humble, but I’m too tired to write her bio for her. Also, I deleted the part where she plugged our web series that she says was starring me. Two can play at the humility game.  Although it was a really fun web series.

professional face

baby e is thrilled about her house guest!

claire crushing it on “A Prairie Home Companion” with special guest Nick Offerman






#148 In this no holds barred Atomic Moms parenting podcast, award-winning business and personal finance journalist Emma Johnson talks cents into Ellie Knaus about what money means in our relationships, where we should focus our savings, what holds us back from going big in our careers, and why we owe it to our kids to go for it! Ellie speaks honestly about her money-making hang ups. And Johnson, a champion for solo moms everywhere, alleviates listener working mom guilt, shares how she carves out guilt free me-time, and discusses the “the sandwich generation” stress when you find yourself suddenly the primary caregiver of both your kids and your parents.

Finally we share a fantastic “Family Manifesto” exercise pulled straight from her new book The Kickass Single Mom: Be Financially Independent, Discover Your Sexiest Self, and Raise Fabulous, Happy Children to do with your family this week. x Ellie

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“Get over this idea that being harried and overwhelmed is somehow a badge of honor. That is just bullsh*t that holds women back.” – Emma Johnson on Atomic Moms podcast

Guest Bio:

Emma Johnson is an award-winning business and personal finance journalist (former AP Finance staff reporter and MSN Money columnist), and founder of the world’s largest platform for single mothers, WealthySingleMommy, as well as the award-winning podcast, Like a Mother. As an expert she has appeared on CNN, Headline News, TIME, FoxNews.com, Oprah.com, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, won Parents magazine’s ‘Best of the Web,’ and is cited as host of a ‘Top 15 Personal Finance Podcasts.’ The Kickass Single Mom: Be Financially Independent, Discover Your Sexiest Self, and Raise Fabulous, Happy Children (Penguin,) will be released October, 2017. She has presented at the United Nations Foundation for Gender Equality, and is founder of the Kickass Single Mom Monthly $1K Grant. She lives in Astoria, New York with her children.  –wealthysinglemommy.com


How does motherhood affect ambition? Guests Hana Schank and Elizabeth Wallace co-wrote “The Ambition Interviews” essay series for THE ATLANTIC and share their powerful findings with Atomic Moms.

Dr. Jessica Zucker is back on Atomic Moms. As a Los Angeles-based psychologist and writer specializing in women’s reproductive and maternal mental health, Dr. Zucker is a leading voice in miscarriage and pregnancy loss awareness. When her @ihadamiscarriage Instagram account was named “the bravest use of social media” by Women’s Health Magazine U.K., she shared,

“My personal experience was a way to model for other women around the world that there is absolutely no shame in loss.”

We discuss her own experience as a rainbow mother and offer guidance to a listener, Sarah, struggling with prenatal anxiety after loss.

… the guilt, sadness and fear caused by what happened last time are stopping me from truly enjoying this new pregnancy, from connecting to my baby and being fully present. What is your advice to new parents who are preparing for the arrival of a new baby while dealing with so many fears and feelings?” 

But first a remarkable mother of two shares her own journey with grief after the termination of a much wanted pregnancy and the unexpected way she found help to emotionally heal. She’s definitely my mom hero of the week.

This episode is for all mothers and a testament to the strength and openheartedness of our listener community. And we stand in solidarity with these women.

xx Ellie

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About Our Podcast Guests:

“Dr. Jessica Zucker is a Los Angeles-based psychologist and writer specializing in women’s reproductive and maternal mental health. Jessica specialized in this field long before experiencing a second trimester miscarriage firsthand.

Jessica created and launched the #IHadAMiscarriage campaign with her first New York Times piece in 2014 with the aim of addressing the cultural silence.

She has since written over a dozen essays and illustrated pieces about the pain and the politics of pregnancy loss.” –DrJessicaZucker.com

Special thanks to our Hurricane Harvey fundraising raffle winner and podcast listener Sarah Planchon. When I reached out to ask her if I could get an expert to answer a question – any question – she inspired this episode.  Sarah was born in Paris and moved to NYC after graduating high school to study acting. She now lives in Woodstock, NY where she teaches French to children through acting, art and games, while developing her wellness/health coaching business.  (instagram: @sarah.planchon). Sarah, congratulations on your rainbow pregnancy!

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#146 – Is there a part of you that feels unlovable? You know that part of yourself you’re always trying to hide, change, or overcompensate? That’s your Shadow. We’re talking about what the Shadow means, how it affects your parenting and the power it holds within you.

Psychotherapist and New York Times bestselling author BARRY MICHELS explains how recognizing and aligning with our Shadow, a term coined by Carl Jung, can actually lead us to a better relationship with our children and ourselves. And Barry walks Ellie through a difficult moment in her birth experience that left her feeling exposed and ashamed until this honest and healing conversation.

Subscribe on iTunes.com/AtomicMoms, Instagram: @atomicmoms. Listen to Part One on our conversation “How to Reclaim Energy, Creativity, and Willpower” released August 22, 2017. And check out: “Coming Alive: 4 Tools to Defeat Your Inner Enemy, Ignite Creative Expression, and Unleash Your Soul’s Potential” (available at all book stores)

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About Our Podcast Guest:

“Barry Michels powered through his undergraduate studies at Harvard, went to law school at the University of California at Berkeley, and spent three years at a white-shoe law firm before disillusionment got the better of him. After a soul-searching time in Europe where he played guitar on street corners, he had a powerful spiritual experience and realized he wanted to be a therapist.

He returned home and got an MSW from the University of Southern California and began his psychotherapy practice in 1986. A few years later, still searching for a psychotherapeutic technique that would bring his patients true freedom, he attended a seminar held by Phil. Struck by Phil’s commitment to human potential and his unorthodox approach, he began to study with Phil and use The Tools with his patients.” – TheToolsBook.com


If you liked this episode, check out part one of this conversation from August 2017.

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