Whether you’re “one and done” or considering your sixth, this episode will have you nodding your head in agreement, rolling your eyes, wanting to shout: “It’s none of your bee’s wax people!” Guest Natalie Thomas, Emmy-nominated TV producer, Huffington Post, Today Show, Cafe Mom and Womanista contributor, Nat’s Next Adventure founder, and former editor and spokesperson of US Weekly chats with Ellie Knaus about everybody wanting to know if a mom is having another one, and her essay “Can We Just Be?”

And in honor of the upcoming Hallmark holiday, Ellie introduces her husband Adam and gives him a Valentine’s Quiz.

How do you answer this question? When were you most caught off guard by it? How did you answer it for yourself? Leave a comment below.

Guest EMILY FILMORE homeschools and practices attachment parenting. Host Ellie Knaus asks this former lawyer turned conscious parent and published author to explain what Filmore calls “alternative parenting” choices. They talk about the no hugging or tickling policy in schools, what it’s like living with an autoimmune disease, and Emily’s high risk pregnancy. Forget Oscar and Felix, Ellie and Emily have the ultimate odd couple friendship. Ellie had her baby sleeping in a crib from day one, while Emily co-slept with her daughter until she was nine! Check out her books here! Subscribe to Atomic Moms here.

Television producer/director Randall Winston (Scrubs, Spin City, Undateable) is a towering presence in Hollywood literally and figuratively. 6’6″ daddy of two, Winston chats with host Ellie Knaus about: adoptions and birth moms…how they discuss multiracial identity at home…the challenges of dressing a tutu-crazed daughter…creating family rituals with his husband…and how we can turn the No’s in our lives into big fat Yeses.
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Here’s a jolt of strong mama espresso: CNN Host Kate Bolduan! Co-anchor of “@ This Hour with Berman and Bolduan”, Kate previously co-anchored “New Day with Chris Cuomo” and “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer”. In addition to reporting on Isis and the Presidential primaries, she is mommy to her one-year-old daughter Cecelia. Ellie Knaus asks her:

What was it like getting parenting advice from President Obama? How can we separate work life from home life? How do we gracefully juggle the parenting act while still hitting the pavement hard? And what is it like raising a kid in Manhattan?

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Susan Stiffelman (“Parenting with Presence” and “Parenting without Power Struggles”) will be an instant Atomic listener fave. In this episode, we ask the big questions, like: How can we be the calm and loving leaders our children deserve? What % of interactions with our children are about getting them to do what we want? How can we strengthen our relationship with our sons and daughters at any age? How can we stop nagging and have our kids listen? And what the heck should we do if we are in a power struggle with an extended relative or in-law? You don’t want to miss Susan’s answers to these questions and more!

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