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Ch-Ch-Changes! Ellie & Adam on Moving, Bed Rest, & Third Trimester | Atomic Moms Podcast | Motherhood | Parenting |

In this madcap family huddle, comedy screenwriter Adam Sztykiel (aka “Sabrina’s favorite”) and host Ellie Knaus catch a breath from packing up the house and make light of the insanity that seems to be knocking on their door.

Ellie replays a couple Friday nights ago when she suspected another woman of checking out her husband. (And it wasn’t weird at all that Ellie wasn’t wearing panties at the time.)

Adam, who swears he just has a really high tolerance before feeling things, shares other recent events that made “water come out of my face.” And the couple kicks off Ellie’s third trimester before rushing back into the house to help the handyman dismantle their lives for an upcoming move.

If there’s one thing Ellie is super grateful for this week, it’s her superstar cervix!

Find out why and have a good Shadenfreude laugh at the Sztykiels!

Ch-Ch-Changes! Ellie & Adam on Moving, Bed Rest, & Third Trimester | Atomic Moms Podcast | Parenting |

Sabrina asked if we could take the moon with with us to our new house

Ch-Ch-Changes! Ellie & Adam on Moving, Bed Rest, & Third Trimester | Pregnancy | Motherhood | Atomic Moms |

Sabrina gave me this sticker before my Saturday morning hospital visit. Read the behind the scenes on Instagram or Facebook

Ch-Ch-Changes! Ellie & Adam on Moving, Bed Rest, & Third Trimester | Atomic Moms Podcast | Parenting | Motherhood |


Here’s a link that explains my positive FFN (Fetal Fibronectin) test that resulted in “modified bed rest”.
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The 'Good Enough' Mama | Erin Williams, Illustrator, Cancer Research Specialist, Writer | Atomic Moms Guest | Host Ellie Knaus | Motherhood |

Mama identity crisis? Join the club. After stepping into the all-consuming role of mom, how the heck do we reclaim our sense of self outside of motherhood? Writer, illustrator, and cancer research specialist ERIN WILLIAMS shares the deeply personal solutions that are working for her, especially how she’s embracing ‘good enough’ when it comes to being mom.

In addition to writing raw, compEllie's obgyn | The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People | Jordan Reid | Erin Williams, Illustrator, Cancer Research Specialist, Writer | Host Ellie Knaus | Atomic Moms Podcast | Motherhood |lex personal essays, and conveying the messiness of motherhood in her artwork, and caring for her two year-old Lucy, Erin Williams is an oncology research specialist. And while that admirable job title would make a lot of us need a drink (or 3), Erin shares what it’s like being a sober mom and having to learn to cope with feeling everything. Sensitive mamas out there, this one is especially for you.
And if you listened to last week’s episode with Jordan Reid, Erin’s co-author of The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People (Penguin Random House), you WILL NOT BELIEVE Erin’s side of their ‘meet-cute’ friend story. As much as I want to spill the beans, you’ll have to hear it from her. I’ll just say: sometimes the most supportive people in our lives show up in the most unexpected ways. xo Ellie Knaus

Atomic Moms Podcast | Host Ellie Knaus | Motherhood |


ERIN WILLIAMS is a writer, illustrator, Goosecamp founder, and semiprofessional ugly-crafter living in New York with her husband and child. She moonlights (works full time) as an Oncology Data Specialist at Flatiron Health. If she had free time, she would use it to watch crime shows and guess who the perp was with stunning accuracy before the reveal.

Read Erin’s blog:

Take a peek at all the awesomeness available for sale at Erin and Jordan’s online shop:
Check out where Erin is a cancer research specialist:

Buy: The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People

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Guest Jordan Reid hustles like a mother-lover: raising two young children, writing books, and running the uber popular, where she shares funny parenting moments, DIY videos, and refreshingly honest details about her family life.

But before all that cool stuff started, Jordan endured what Ellie would describe as a Joseph Campbell-esque “dark night of the soul” or what Jordan calls a “truly spectacular career implosion!” (HINT: you’ll never ever look at one particular insaThe Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People | The Mother of Reinvention | Jordan Reid, Ramshackle Glam | Atomic Moms Podcast Guest | Host Ellie Knaus | Motherhood | Working Mom |nely popular tv show the same way ever again). From that experience, she discovered the magic of reinvention and promises us, “If you put in the work, and you do the things you say you’re gonna do, your past experiences all make sense.”

Of course, transitions are a b*tch, and her life as an accomplished author and popular website founder isn’t always an Instagram-worthy bed of roses. (Isn’t it a GD relief to hear that?!) Jordan gives us a heart-to-heart about the negative online commenters she’s had to handle in the past and tips for how to rise above the haters (real or imagined).

We also laugh about her brand new book “The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People”, co-authored by her gal pal Erin Williams, and published by Penguin Random House. If you overhear me giggling in my OBGYN waiting room, it’s cause I’m doing the book’s “Bad Baby Names” word search. xx Ellie Knaus



JORDAN REID is the founding editor of the lifestyle blog Ramshackle Glam and the author of two parenting and style memoirs. Her hobbies include unfortunately timed blushing, coming up with reasons to not shave her legs, and darts. She lives in California with her husband and two children, mostly so that she can wear flip-flops in the winter.

The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People (April 25, 2017): “This book, part guide, part journal, part activity book, chronicles the trimesters of pregnancy (and the fourth trimester, aka having a newborn) and encourages readers to both entertain themselves while reflecting on this incredibly meaningful experience in a woman’s life.” – Penguin Random House
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Teresa Palmer and host Ellie Knaus speak with Helen Tunea about her intense journey from pregnant cancer patient to thriving mother of two. In this candid and inspiring conversation, Helen and Teresa share the life-changing power of friendship, including fun advice for how the rest of us can “pick up” lifelong mom friends.

Pregnancy, Cancer, and Courage | Warrior Mom | Guest | Helen Tunea | Host Ellie Knaus | Teresa Palmer | Motherhood |

For the first time publicly, Helen opens up about her moment-to-moment decision making when she was diagnosed with stage 3, triple negative breast cancer while pregnant with her second child. She shares her fears at the time of not being present for first child, her countless surgeries and chemotherapy while pregnant, and how they got through it all! You’ll definitely want to hear Helen’s advice for what NOT to do or say when supporting a friend with illness and HOW to best show up for her in times of need!

Helen’s #MOMBOMB: “Pain is temporary, warriors are forever”

Follow Teresa’s parenting journey on our favorite mom blog:

Facebook: “Atomic Moms” page and  Twitter/Instagram

P.S. Here is Teresa in the gown she shares her “mom story” about in our intro. 

Meet Our Guests:

Born and raised in Chicago to Romanian refugees, and the middle child of five, Helen Tunea was the first American born of her family. She found her bi-cultural upbringing made it easy to connect with people which lead her to a career in HR, and in the global tech industry. She’s traveled the world for work and play, met her soul mate (also a first gen/Mexican) and chef. They moved to LA when said soul mate-now husband received an offer to open a restaurant in Hollywood. They had their daughter Luna, and soon after, she was diagnosed with breast cancer soon after finding out she was pregnant with her son. She underwent a year of chemo/radiation treatment and gave birth. Now in remission, Helen is the head of talent acquisition for a global tech company in Silicon Beach, and lives in Palms with her family.

Teresa Palmer splits her time between the Hollywood Hills and Adelaide, South Australia with her husband Mark and their kids, 3 yr old son Bodhi and 4 month old son Forest. She also has an almost 9 year old step son, Isaac. Teresa is an actor, director, writer, philanthropist and owner of Your Zen Life and co-founder of our favorite blog: YourZenMama. She is passionate about raising conscious minded children and using her platform to “Be The Change.”



Atomic Moms Podcast | Guest | Heather Brooker | Host Ellie Knaus | Motherhood in Hollywood |


Emmy award-winning journalist turned actress/comedian/host Heather Brooker chats with fellow parenting podcast host Ellie Knaus about everything under the L.A. sun. Join us as we laugh about Heather’s family home video turned into a Youtube viral sensation. And go international with us as we discuss how Heather’s recent family trip to London took a shocking turn when she found her family in the midst of the Parliament attack (she gave live news coverage to US stations while her daughter played in a nearby park). Ellie shares the recent loss of their family pet, how she shared the news with Sabrina, and the sweetest (and perhaps most bizarre) FaceTime exchange in iPhone history. Because we’re talking “Motherhood in Hollywood”, we also have a playful social media tug-of-war over the fine line between not wanting to project a falsely perfect family image while also not sharing our dirty laundry or our children’s meltdowns. And of course, we have to ask Heather: what’s the biggest misconception about motherhood in Hollywood? x Ellie Knaus, Atomic Moms mom-in-chief

Get to Know Our Guest:
Heather is an actress, comedian, Emmy Award-winning Journalist, and host of the Motherhood in Hollywood podcast (available on iTunes!). She’s appeared on TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, Fresh Off The Boat, and The Mindy Project. On her podcast, Heather discusses her two passions — parenting and entertainment — and has a hilariously addicting, tell-it-like-it-is personality. She has appeared as a guest on CBS2/9 Los Angeles, and is a regular contributor to the Huffington Post,, Wonderwall and the Today Show Parenting Team as well as her own blog. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and 3-year-old daughter. and subscribe to her podcast here!

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