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If there is one parenting podcast you should be listening to, Atomic Moms is it! From the hilarious banter between her and her husband to the hard hitting topics she covers, Ellie delivers each episode lovingly, candidly, and unbiasedly. I laugh, I cry, I ruminate - I’ve never concluded an episode without feeling more empowered as a mom, partner, etc. than before I tune in.
— Apple Podcast Review
No judgement, raw and real. Ellie makes me laugh every single episode because she’s so relatable. I love learning and commiserating. Wish we could be friends in real life.
— Apple Podcast Review
This is a great place to find new authors and to dig deep into what it means to be a good (enough) parent. It’s a support group you can attend on your own schedule. The host is on a perpetual quest to become a better person, to understand more and to connect with her audience authentically. If you’re feeling lonely, listen up, you have a friend in Ellie.
— Apple Podcast Review
I found this podcast shortly after getting pregnant. It helped shape my mind frame and how I see myself as a mother.
— Apple Podcast Review