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Ellie Knaus


Hi y’all, I’m from Texas, don’t hold it against me, and host of Atomic Moms podcast.

The past five years have been a thrilling blur of interviewing the leading experts in the fields of parenting and psychology, sharing thought-provoking conversations with courageous women, and…refereeing my two wild daughters in the backseat while I drive around L.A., attempting to explain away all the gruesome billboards they stare at when I holler back,”Please don’t throw up again. Just look out the window!”

Five years ago I set out to make a podcast that could feel like a middle of the night mom friend. The early days of parenting are isolating and expectation shattering. I love a good challenge, but this raising humans stuff is bananas. (And you buy so many bananas).

As a new mom, it’s easy to find out what to purchase, but I’m seeking the mothering goods not for sale.

As a new mom, it’s easy to find out what to purchase, but I’m seeking the mothering goods not for sale.

I wanted to know how to make that achey feeling go away whenever I had to leave my baby.

What should I say when my partner makes me want to primal scream?

How on Earth do women find their own parenting signature style when they know the mothering model they were raised with won’t work for them?

For the record, I was raised by an 80 hours a week working, stressed out, bad ass, ceiling shattering first amendment lawyer single mom. I admire her deeply, but I also know that I don’t have the temperament (highly sensitive) to follow her lead.

So I created a podcast as my personal excuse to speak to the experts who write these books we all think we’re “supposed” to read, and ask them about real life - my life - and get resources I can rely on and share with others.

It has been the pride and joy of my life. Along with my kids.

This past year has been especially thrilling. My husband and I sold a television sitcom inspired by my family and our podcast to ABC, and Atomic Moms recently launched a limited edition merchandise and art prints collaboration spotlighting mother and artist Madeline Donahue, available exclusively here.

Thank you for joining me on this parenting journey.

x Ellie

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