Ellie's New Year Resolution

The To Do's:  My Toddler's Perspective I’m an overly optimistic person. I am positive that I can get ten things done during my two-year old's nap. I set the bar too high. And then, she wakes up yelling after 50 minutes, and I’ve gotten four things done. And instead of feeling satisfied that I was as productive as I could be in the allotted time, I feel like crap. I’m mad at my husband because he’s not here to do the other six things on the list…cause he has a fancy job where he’s constantly being validated (even though he doesn’t need the validation which makes me even feel worse). And I’m mad at my two year-old daughter for waking up and for not being narcoleptic so I could get the ten things done. And then, I’m mad at myself for wishing I had a narcoleptic toddler cause what kind of sicko am I anyways? So then I go in to the nursery flooded with guilt. SO this year, I am crossing off 3 things from my to-do list before I even get started. Because what would I do with that extra energy I’ve been spending being hard on myself?