Find Meaning in Your Life Today | Lee Eisenberg New York Times Bestselling Author


New York Times bestselling author and legendary Esquire Magazine editor-in-chief Lee Eisenberg speaks with Ellie Knaus about his new book "The Point Is: Making Sense of Birth, Death, and Everything in Between". We discuss the identity shift that comes with parenthood, how early childhood memories influence one’s personal myth, the importance of jotting down the little moments, and what constitutes a meaningful existence. We also talk about the “H Word”…happiness. Follow Atomic Moms on social media, subscribe and leave a review if you like us on

Mr. Lee Eisenberg kept a journal during one period in his life: as a new dad. On the podcast he shares an epiphany:

"I went back and read it for the first time in about 25 years, and it so opened my eyes to this idea that we go through life having these experiences, some of which are very striking and important at the time, some of them are meaningless at the time; but we don't often stop to write them down, literally. When you go back and you reread these experiences or descriptions of events or relationships with other things in your life, you often go back and experience them in an entirely different way. You're at a different point in life, you're in a different mood, you may be in a different situation as far as your health is concerned. A lot of things change, obviously. If we don't write them down, we can make mental notes of them, but the mental notes don't hang around very long, usually; but when you write them down and go back and revisit them, you begin to see that your life has probably had a lot more meaningfulness in it than you remember, or that you give yourself credit for."

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