What to Remember When Your Kids Get Bored!

erika christakis on Atomic Moms podcastErika Christakis, author of the New York Times bestseller: The Importance of Being Little: What Preschoolers Really Need From Grown Ups shares on Atomic Moms podcast:

Actually, I always say boredom is the friend to the imagination. Sometimes being bored is a stimulus to the imagination, especially when you're outdoors. If your kid is sort of looking aimless, there's a way in which you can really help coach the child. What else could you do? I wonder if you could try this? Maybe you just leave the kid alone and say, yeah sometimes it's hard to be bored...We're all so over programmed, that it takes a certain courage I think to just grit your teeth a little bit. You know what, my daughter is struggling a little bit here. I'm going to see what she can do. The wonderful thing is that kids are so endlessly surprising. They're so smart that when you do give them those long stretches of time, they figure it out. They figure out how to turn the play into something deeper if they're by themselves, looking at an ant hill or something in the sand.

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