Are You Still Asking For Permission?!

When I was little I thought that being the parent meant not having to ask for permission. Yet how many of us are still asking for (or even worse, just waiting around for) permission in our adult lives? In my interview with Emmy winner dad Tony Hale (VEEP), I share a moment we had on set together.  I  had came up with a line idea and I asked to Tony if I should ask the director first. I’ll never forget him urging me to JUST DO IT and ask for forgiveness later. Listen to his wisdom here: So here’s some #AtomicMoms heart-work (homework for the heart) for this week:

What's ONE thing you've been asking permission for when you could go ahead and grant that permission for yourself?!

This week's podcast guest Robin McGraw shares this beautiful Instagram quote on #atomicmoms podcast and tells us during the interview:

"We should all tell ourselves, we don’t need permission, we don’t need permission from anyone to have what we want in life, to strive for what we want in life, to go for what we want, what we need. It’s okay. We don’t have to ask permission."

Yes mamas. It's OKAY! (I've been saying that all week->it's okay!)

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