Parenting with Presence and Without Power Struggles

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Eckhart Tolle-“Yes, children produce adults, but, more important, Susan Stiffelman’s unique book shows you how children can produce conscious adults.” (1)On this week's Atomic Moms, Ellie announces next week's exciting interview and shares one of her all-time favorite podcast discussions. Author of "Parenting with Presence" and "Parenting without Power Struggles", esteemed guest Susan Stiffelman is a leader in the conscious parenting revolution. On Atomic Moms, Susan helps Ellie answer: How can we be the calm and loving leaders our children deserve? What % of interactions with our children are about getting them to do what we want? How can we strengthen our relationship with our sons and daughters at any age? How can we stop nagging and have our kids listen? And what the heck should we do if we are in a power struggle with an extended relative or in-law? You don't want to miss Susan's answers to these questions and more! You'll be going "there, there" every day.

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Atomic Moms Podcast: Guest Susan Stiffelman