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You know the lyrics to Frozen's "Let It Go," but how about in Mandarin? In this lighthearted and seriously entertaining 89th Atomic Moms episode, Ellie Knaus and guest co-host Bridget Moloney-Sinclair introduce you to Amber Duke, a big-hearted mama who leans into adventure and embraces motherhood camaraderie. We talk about living in China: the cultural adjustments and the toddler parenting wins. We discuss how Amber's husband quit his Chicago job to become the stay-at-home dad in China (and the partner award goes to...!). And we give a shout out to Amber's online mom group: the F15 Vipers, who prove that Motherhood can lead to satisfying friendships across time zones. If you enjoy this episode, please subscribe on iTunes and leave a review. Thank you for your support! If you like this episode, please do as a huge favor and subscribe on and leave a review. It's free!