Cheers to Complicated Families| Tracy Barone 'Happy Family'

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We're raising a glass to complicated families. *Clink* In episode #91, guest Tracy Barone chats with Ellie Knaus about the fractured mythology of our own family of origin. For example, do we ever really know our parents? What are they not telling us and how has it subconsciously informed who we are?

A mother of reinvention (playwright, film producer, now novelist), Barone also opens up about the identity crisis that plagues so many moms taking a break from the work force and what she learned about herself in the process.

We talk about the Buddhist concept of the child choosing the parent before birth. (We'd love to know: why do you think your kid picked you?)

And for all you creative mamas out there, we pinpoint what it takes to birth your passion project.

More about her new novel 'Happy Family' here:

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