Martha Beck, Oprah's Go To Life Coach: On Loving Ourselves

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Oprah says of our guest Martha Beck: "She's one of the smartest women I know." In podcast #93 Martha Beck encourages host Ellie Knaus to get honest in every aspect of her life with an INTEGRITY CLEANSE. Of course, Ellie freaks out that everyone will abandon her. Could YOU do it? Wouldn't it be liberating to stop "dancing on eggshells"? We also discuss: the truth about pain, how to handle self-criticism, challenging the voices in our head, what our bodies are really trying to tell us, and how to be compassionate towards ourselves when we're mad at ourselves for how we're being so hard on ourselves (a double whammy and Ellie's longtime favorite conundrum until Martha solves it for us here. Huzzah!) Martha Beck on Atomic Moms

Martha's bestselling books include: Expecting Adam, Finding Your Own North Star, Steering By Starlight, and Finding Your Way in a Wild New World, and we discuss her new work of fiction: Diana, Herself: An Allegory in Awakening. Martha Beck has three degrees from Harvard. And every month we flip to Martha's column in O Magazine first. Learn more about her training program at

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