Working Mom Crush | CNN's Kate Bolduan on Confidence, Funny Mom Fails, & Interviewing the President

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Listen to Ellie's new intro to a fave episode. We're sharing our uncensored and funny mom-friend call with CNN anchor Kate Bolduan. The woman is non-stop, co-anchoring "@ This Hour with Berman and Bolduan" every week day along with raising her toddler Cecelia. Atomic Moms host Ellie Knaus asks this spirited mama:

How do we juggle the parenting act while still hitting the pavement hard?

What is it like raising your kid in Manhattan when you grew up with grass?

How CRAZY was it getting on-camera parenting advice from President Obama while you were pregnant? Awesome? Awkward? Weird? All of the above?


This conversation originally aired in January 2016. Check out for our show notes! Find us on social media on Facebook ("Atomic Moms") and Instagram/Twittter: @atomicmoms.

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As promised in our podcast introduction, here is a resource for helping: Aleppo: Aid for Children in Syria's Most War-Torn City x Ellie

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