Constructing Hope | Detroit Rev. Faith Fowler

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Rev. Faith Fowler is a real life hero. Best-selling author Mitch Albom (“Tuesdays With Morrie”) shares that Fowler is “…the most important currency of our city, a loving, egoless, inspiring leader who doesn’t see color, doesn’t see class, who looks at our poorest, most neglected citizens and sees only hope and opportunity. And humor.” She cares for and empowers thousands, including homeless mothers and children. In this episode, we talk to this fierce champion of ALL HUMANS about race, breaking the poverty cycle, addiction, her non-profit entrepreneurial projects including Tiny Homes. We chat about why she goes "tire hunting", how can we be most effective with our talents, and she answers tough questions about parenting.

And since Halloween is coming up, you gotta hear about the protestors (!) at the Cass Community Haunted House and Rev. Faith Fowler’s brilliant response.

Even when you’ve lost faith, there’s Faith.

Check out Rev. Faith Fowler’s memoir: "This Far By Faith: Twenty Years at Cass Community." I loved it!

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And to all you in the  Detroit area, check this out!