Compassionate Discipline : "Raising Lions" Joe Newman

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Joe Newman grew up with the labels: ADHD and "problem child". Now as parenting expert and author of "Raising Lions: The Art of Compassionate Discipline," he guides parents and teachers in supporting strong-willed children. Newman promises "Firm boundaries make happy, more relaxed children." In this #AtomicMoms, mom-pal Marie Horrigan and I celebrate our children's ferocity while we learn how to create firm boundaries, how to "stay on their side" while handling impulsive or inappropriate behavior, and how we can "shift from opponent to coach". If that's not enough, Joe also explains why I no longer need to ask my child to say "I'm sorry." Listen to find out why.

x Ellie Knaus, Atomic Moms mom-in-chief

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Joe Newman | Compassionate Discipline | Raising Lions | Atomic Moms Podcast guest | Host Ellie Knaus |

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