Adoption Illuminated | Angie Sanders

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In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month we’re diving deep with an astonishing, candid conversation with Angie Sanders, a former casting director and now-adoptive mother who opens up about her own tumultuous road to motherhood, transracial adoption, and how it felt to be on the other side of the casting equation, which Angie says is a bit “like jumping through hoops that are lit on fire.”

Angie, mother to 6-year-old Mason, answers the biggies anybody who has thought about adoption might have wondered: adoption matching, navigating the post-adoption birth-mother relationship, and Angie’s definition of deep self-care. You’ll also hear from Atomic Moms listener and mother-of-two Melanie, herself an adoptee, on how she navigates the pitfalls and silent biases of race as the wonderful mother to her adopted black daughter and biological white son.



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