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We're having a baby! Host Ellie Knaus (first trimester) consults best mom-friends Becca McHugh (second trimester) and Bridget Moloney-Sinclair (third trimester) about the ups and downs of pregnancy while toddler-wrangling at the same time. We discuss: expanding our families, “second child-itus” (it’s like my stomach was an instant pop-up tent this time), the “mini van stigma”, VBACS, IUI’s, and a bunch of other initials I knew nothing about before motherhood, and how our toddlers pressured us into making them siblings (Sabrina has convinced me that I'm the surrogate for “HER baby”). We hear Becca’s insane ZIKA-conception story, kiss goodbye to any illusions of a cocooned “4th trimester” with the newborn, and share how Sabrina broke the news to her entire preschool. After listening to this episode, our child-free sound engineer Owen O'Neill wrote Ellie: "Well, that episode was an eye opener to say the least."

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