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10 Minute Meditation for Moms | Jennifer Waldburger | Atomic Moms | Host Ellie Knaus | Motherhood | Parenting | Need a mama recharge? Jennifer Waldburger’s voice is so soothing in this “mama and baby meditation" it'll work wonders for you with or without baby. Our recording together was perfectly timed for me because we've upped the ante on my bed rest. No more lifting anything, minimal physical movement, and they’ve taken away my car keys! This challenge is giving me a sneak peak of my upcoming Tour de Babyland. You know those hours when you think you should be getting a ton accomplished but you do not have the energy, and there’s no one to talk to but the crazy voices in your head? WELL…this short meditation for moms with young children and babies will help us reconnect with our children and ourselves and regain our serenity (or at least some of our sanity). It’s helping me tremendously and I’m not even doing it with a baby. I just visualize Sabrina at preschool or the little one rocking out in my tummy. xx Ellie

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Calm Mama, Happy Baby | 10 Minute Meditation for Moms | Jennifer Waldburger | Atomic Moms Podcast | Host Ellie Knaus |About our Guest: "Jen Waldburger, MSW, and co-founder of Sleepy Planet Parenting and co-director of the Mindfulness program at Stephen S. Wise School. Coauthor of the award-winning book The Sleepeasy Solution and Calm Mama, Happy Baby, she has worked with adults, children and families for more than 20 years.”

Waldburger has been our Atomic Moms go-to expert on “Sleep Learning” for our children ages 0-5 and our two part series on "Separation Anxiety”.




10 Minute Meditation for Moms | Jennifer Waldburger | Atomic Moms | Host Ellie Knaus | Evenflow app |

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