Baby Waiting Game | Ellie Knaus + Adam Sztykiel

Baby Waiting Game | Ellie Knaus + Adam Sztykiel | Atomic Moms podcast | Parenthood | Family | Baby | We could meet this baby any moment folks! My modified bed rest restrictions have been lifted and she’s welcome to join us anytime. The acid reflux situation is real (as you’ll hear in my voice on the show) and so is nesting at our new home. Literally. You will not believe what is oozing out of our walls. I’m serious. In this relaxed and fun episode, I grill my birth partner about whether he’s ready to be my pushing wingman again. And I ask him what he plans to do differently in raising Baby Girl #2. You’ll also hear one of our biggest motivating factors in life. Believe me, it’s one not many people would fess up to.

We also get into an honest debate over what it means to share on social media. For example, should a mom not announce in a Facebook or Instagram caption if she had an unmedicated birth because another mom could feel bad? And why would a mom want share that information anyways? We hit all sides of the argument.

Sending love in these final days (?) hours (?) minutes (?) before we meet Sabrina’s sister. If I happen to not be here next week because I'm filling a gigantic pad with witch hazel, definitely check out one of the amazing experts I've had on the show in the past month! xx Ellie

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