How to Parent Through a Crisis | Stephanie Small, LMFT


With catastrophic hurricanes and wildfires displacing countless families, I reach out to child and adolescent trauma expert Stephanie Small, LMFT.

In this in-depth interview, she shares invaluable tools to help guide our children through traumatic events.

Whether it be a natural disaster, a car accident, a terrorist attack, mandatory evacuation, or surgery, she teaches us how to support a child's natural resilience in the aftermath.

And listen up for her simple and effective exercises for alleviating our children's everyday worries and our own!

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About Our Podcast Guest:

Stephanie Small is an accomplished Marriage, Family and Child therapist with a positive and empowering approach in her work with children, adolescents and their families. She builds on the strengths and resilience of her clients while healing the life challenges and traumas that have impeded their sense of wholeness and joy. She is recognized by leading physicians in Los Angeles for her treatment of medical trauma in children and adults. In her private practice of 25 years, she has integrated Attachment-Focused EMDR and somatic therapies to resolve the troubling impact of divorce or separation, grief and loss, attention difficulties, bullying, depression, anxiety and adoption issues to name a few. In addition to her private practice, Stephanie has lectured nationally and internationally on issues concerning childhood and adolescent trauma.

She recently consulted with state and local officials following the recent shootings in San Bernardino, Paris, Sandy Hook, and Aurora Colorado.

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