How to Survive (and Even Enjoy) a Family Vacation: Sleeping, Whining, and Sneaking in Moments of Self Care


#159 Everyone goes into a family vacation with high hopes, but can mothers ever catch a break? Fresh off a weeklong family trip, host Ellie Knaus shares practical travel tips, cautionary tales, and ridiculous parenting moments.

In this Atomic Moms listener Q and A, we cover a variety of topics from making the whining stop, to sneaking in moments of relaxation, to baby packing tips, to keeping your cool when your children are trying to make you insane. Listen up!

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Special thanks this week to atomic mamas Jessica, Alaina, Jamie, Janelle, Elisabeth, Katie, Anna, Jen, Katelyn, Sara, Olivia, Jess, Michelle, Tanya, Lora, Amy, and Lauren for your thoughtful questions.

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