The Dazzling Elephant in the Room | Novogratz, Sukey and Elizabeth


Meditation. UGH! I have a thousand excuses not to do it, and my guests Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz have used them all. In this funny and frank conversation we talk about the critical voices in our head, the ways in which we underestimate ourselves, and how to get comfortable in our own skin. These sister-in-laws and former founders of the celebrated newsletter The Well Daily, are the authors of the cheeky, soulful, and playfully illustrated Just Sit: A Meditation Guide Book for People Who Know They Should But Don’t (Harper Wave). Also, I am so proud to shine a light on Sukey Novogratz’s work as vice-chair of Mariska Hargitay’s Joyful Heart Foundation giving healing support to victims of sexual assualt. We cover it all in this podcast: from silent meditation retreats to sharing a bathroom with six siblings to quitting a pack a day to the best beauty treatment available to mankind. Listen up! 

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Meet Our Guests:

Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz are two of the founders of the celebrated newsletter The Well Daily. Elizabeth is the co-author of Downtown Chic and Home by Novogratz, and lives in Brooklyn, NY.  Sukey is the executive producer of the acclaimed documentary The Hunting Ground.

.Special Thanks to Owen O’Neill: sound engineer Jeremy Turner: original theme composition