The Spirit of Motherhood: Surprises + Challenges + Memories | 17 Listeners Share


#177: Our special tribute to our listener community. 17 listener moms open their hearts to us. In an effort to make a grand gesture to my favorite mothers on earth (all of you), I posted on social media, “Who wants to come on the podcast?” And I took the first 17 listeners who signed up. The only requirement was that these mamas have listened to at least 7 episodes. Most of these women had listened to all of them.

We recorded these conversations over three days. My "mom questions" were basic. And the responses were profound. I am humbled by your life stories and your strength. There's no better mother's day company, hands down. I feel like I fell in love with 17 mamas this week.

The Questions:

  • What's your favorite memory of your mother?

  • What do you want your children to remember about you as their mother?

  • How has motherhood surprise you? In what ways has it changed you?

  • What's a life hack that's made your life as a mom a little easier?

Thank you for the wisdom and support you share in this episode. Happy Mother’s Day to all of us. And all of the mothers who came before us. Thank you for sharing the podcast and helping it grow. Thank you to the 17 listeners who dared to reach out and share their voices with us in honor of our mom community. xx Ellie




Lisa Brodersen

Bainbridge Island, Washington

Alaina Stoner

Lancaster, CA

Gina Janc

Carlsbad, CA

Lydia Kidman

Edinburgh, Scotland

Allie Ladio

Monterey, California

Jessilyn Swanson

Alberta, Canada

Saioa Aranceta-Sieracki

City: Chicago

Lauren King Porteus

Columbus, Ohio

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Lauren King Design


Tampa, Florida

Olivia Howell

Northport, NY



Minneapolis, Minnesota


Birmingham, Alabama

Lauren Floris

Southern California


Maggie Borum

Chapel Hill, NC

Katie Gonzalez

Houston, TX

Angie Sanders

Los Angeles, CA

Shari Leventhal

Montclair, NJ

Special Thanks: Owen O'Neill for sound engineering, Jeremy Turner for original theme music, and Natalie Truly for brainstorming with me.