Mom on a Mission | Miry's List, Miry Whitehill, and Refugee Families


What started as one stay at home mother donating a baby jumper to a refugee mom has turned into a crowd sourcing organization providing for hundreds of refugee families arriving in America. This Wednesday, June 20th is World Refugee Day, and we're honored to sit down with Miry Whitehill, mother of two and non-profit leader about the day she found her calling, how she resists burn out, our current system in America for recently arrived refugees, and how we can make a difference in welcoming our newest neighbors.

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About Miry's List:

"Refugee families come to the United States seeking a safe haven from violence and persecution in their home countries. They leave behind family and friends, as well as virtually everything they own. Many Americans, seeing these families in their communities, wonder: What can I do to help? Miry's List provides a mechanism for people to directly help new arrival refugee families with the things that they need to get started in their new lives – from diapers to beds to cleaning supplies and toiletries.” - 

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Now anyone can easily send items to a U.S. refugee family’s home, thanks to one woman’s ‘mama bear instincts’

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