Getting Real About Stepmoms, Exes, Blended Families | Nathalie Savell, LCPC


We’re empowering blended families and talking stepmom strategies! Holistic psychotherapist, step-mom coach, and #atomicmama Nathalie Savell tackles the biggest challenges stepmoms face. We’re talking high conflict exes, healthy boundaries, and smooth transitions between households. Then we turn the tables and share my guest interview with Nathalie from her “Empowering Stepmoms: Re-Imagining the Modern Family” series in May. I share my insights as a child of blended families — after all, I’m an only child with six siblings! — and reflect on all my stepmother has taught me about parenting. x Ellie Knaus

You’ll learn:

The unique frustrations of blended families and tools to overcome them. How to handle anyone with a "high conflict" personality. How to create boundaries. How to help your children have a smooth transition between homes. How to interact with the ex. The single most important thing to remember as a stepmom when times get tough.

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guest bio

Nathalie Savell lives outside Baltimore, Maryland and is a Holistic Psychotherapist & Step-mom Coach. She is a bio-mom to a 3 year old boy, step-mom to an 8 year old boy. She considers herself a "personal growth junkie" and loves supporting people to be the best version of themselves.

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