I'm So Jealous: Claire Coffee + Bridget Moloney-Sinclair

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#204: Kicking off 2019, longtime pals Bridget Moloney-Sinclair and Claire Coffee discuss everything from Bridget’s naughty book picks to Claire's tips for getting as much work done as humanely possible during school hours. Ellie regales the crew with her all-time favorite “parenting comedown” story involving puke and the Academy Awards, shares that her long-time dry cleaner verbally attacked her (which would be straight out of a Seinfeld episode if it hadn't been so scary), and admits she ordered an outdoor play system without thinking it through (How are they SO expensive? I’m embarrassed I spent so much). And after weeks of no school, the moms share their screen-time favorites. Giggle along with our tongue-in-cheek ridiculousness. Listen up! 

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Ellie, Sabrina, and our House Guests Claire and Calvin

Ellie, Sabrina, and our House Guests Claire and Calvin

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Screentime Suggestions:

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Bridget’s Romance Novel Picks:

Roomies by Christina Lauren

Blurred Lines by Lauren Lane

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I Was A Teenage Pillow Queen, directed by Bridget Moloney-Sinclair, starring Claire Coffee, had it’s recent world premiere at the Tribeca TV Festival. Here’s the trailer. Enjoy!