Jolie Jenkins on Netflix, the Apology Reflex, Getting to Know Your Partner as a Parent


Jolie Jenkins, Netflix star of Alexa & Katie and 38 weeks pregnant with boy #2, shares the extraordinary relational shift that happens when you get to know your husband as a parent. We also talk about how pregnancy has been different this second time around, the biggest lessons she learned on her fertility journey, and how her unique childhood has influenced her parenting choices. We also talk about the "life lesson" Ellie has learned in Janet Lansbury's RIE baby class with 14 month-old Eliza and what is driving her crazy after the kids are asleep. x Ellie

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Perfectionism is a luxury,” says my best friend Nicole, mother of two. And holy shit, I finally get it. I mean, yes let’s have some standards but more importantly, lets be kinder to ourselves. That has to trump (sorry) the enormous self-imposed pressure we’re all exercising. Not to mention the comparing-ourselves-to-other-moms thing (momparing?). The whole Supermom/Superwoman thing is for the birds. I’d venture to guess most of us already *know* this stuff, it’s just a matter of finally choosing it deliberately on a daily basis and not just stumbling into that healthier mindset every now and then. So, care to join forces and make peace with where you are? You can adopt my new motto: Good Enough!
— Jolie Jenkins, "Good Enough",


Jolie’s blog Joeycake

Ellie + baby Eliza’s teacher:

Guest Bio


Jolie Jenkins is an actress currently starring in the Netflix- young adult comedy Alexa and Katie. She has written several comedic essays for The Huffington Post, and also has a blog called Joeycake, about the ridiculous adventures of being an actress and a mom living in LA. She has an almost 4 year old son, and has a second baby boy due in 2 weeks.