Jamie-Lynn Sigler on Mom Confidence, "Sopranos" Family Lessons, Finding Strength Through Chronic Illness

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#199 Jamie-Lynn Sigler, boy mom of 2, and best known as Meadow in HBO’s The Sopranos, joins me in studio for a candid conversation that will stick with you. Jamie shares parenting lessons from her onscreen father, the beloved James Gandolfini, her favorite memories as Belle in Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, and what it’s like being married to a much younger gentleman. She offers a candid perspective on parenting as a mother trying to keep up with two young boys while also battling relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. She is truly a goddess onscreen and off with the biggest heart in Hollywood.

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Guest Bio

Jamie-Lynn Sigler is most known for her role as Meadow in HBO’s The Sopranos. She has also appeared in Entourage, Ugly Betty and NBC’s Guys With Kids. She is a mom of 2 boys.

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