Ultimate Mom Boss! Happy Family Organics + Lovevery Co-Founder Jessica Rolph


Multi-million dollar company founding social entrepreneur, and super interesting/fun mom of three JESSICA ROLPH geeks out with us over baby brain development (loved this!) and start up #momlife. Jessica co-founded and sold the #1 organic baby food company Happy Family and is now putting her heart and soul into Lovevery, play products designed by child development experts. We discuss: the greatest parenting lesson she learned from business school, overcoming the fear of starting something new, why the Idaho life is the best life, and how to keep marital love alive while immersing yourself in a start up.

xx Ellie

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The days are long, but the years are short.
— Gretchen Rubin, The Happiness Project

Guest Bio


Jessica Rolph recently cofounded her second entrepreneurial venture, Lovevery. Lovevery play products are designed by child development experts and distilled to their simplest, purest purpose: to be exactly what children need at each stage. Previously, Jessica cofounded #1 organic baby food company Happy Family, which was acquired by Groupe Danone. Lovevery's mission is to help every parent feel confident that they are giving their baby the best learning experience through play. The idea behind Lovevery began after Jessica read a doctoral dissertation titled Current Research Findings on the Neurological Development of Infants. She began crafting her own toys at home and taking notes on what the science said was best for her baby. After many years of research and development, Lovevery launched its first product, The Play Gym in 2017, winning parenting awards, a Red Dot design award, and accolades from press and influencers. This year, Lovevery launched a groundbreaking subscription service called The Play Kits, including stage-based developmental toys made from sustainable materials and including easily digestible advice on what the science says your baby is hungry to learn in a given stage. Jessicaresides in Idaho with her 3 adorable children Bea, Leland and Thacher as well as her husband Decker.