School's Out! Plus Dad's in the Hot Seat | Adam Sztykiel + Ellie Knaus

School's Out! Plus Dad’s in the Hot Seat on Atomic Moms podcast

School's Out! Plus Dad’s in the Hot Seat on Atomic Moms podcast

#222 - Happy Father’s Day! In this family check in, we discuss our tactics for entertaining our kids over summer break, and we catch up with my husband with the impossible last name.

Interrupting our conversational flow, graduating preschooler Sabrina puts Adam in the hot seat and asks questions better than her mother.

And because it's the end of another school year, and we’re all grappling with the wacky passage of time thing, I recount an awkward dad moment at the neighborhood park when my kid-free past collided with a very sniffly present moment. xx Ellie Knaus

xx Ellie Knaus

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Classically trained reader, available for hire 👍 😂 “I Don’t Want to Be Big” felt like the perfect choice for these graduating preschoolers 👩‍🎓😍😭

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