@AtomicMoms Mailroom | 'Relationships' Q&A with Ellie Knaus + Adam Sztykiel


#208 Whoohoo! Our marriage survived this podcast recording! Adam is back as my wingman in this fun and cozy Valentine’s ‘Listener Q&A' edition of Atomic Moms. The critic in my head wants to say, “What makes you worthy of giving relationship advice?” Welp. We aint perfect but we’re still married after 12 years and two kids, which in Hollywood is nothing to sneeze at. Take our advice with a grain of Himalayan salt, but keep us company on our date night in the garage. Special thanks to #atomicmamas Missy, Kelsey, Michelle, Angela, and all of our listeners who submitted questions for us! I look forward to sharing more of them in the near future. Next Week: We're revisiting the best relationship advice we’ve gotten on the pod in our 200+ eps. Listen up! Ellie Knaus

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Just a year after giving birth to my first daughter (pictured smirking here), the podcast was born. What started as a fun mom-friend hobby with gal pal Bianca Kajlich evolved into to a full-time one-woman show/obsession for me. Who knew?! Every day I wake up so excited to interview best-selling authors, parenting experts, and caregivers all over the world in hopes of providing a judgement free platform to highlight their unique stories in the universal experience of raising a child.



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