Mastering Back-to-School: Teacher Jennifer Hunt + Dr. Natasha Beck (@Dr.OrganicMommy)


#225 - Dr. Natasha Beck, equipped with a doctorate in clinical pediatric neuropsychology, and teacher Jennifer Hunt, a second generation early childhood educator, help us tackle the home and classroom fronts in order to give our listeners the tools we need to crush this school year!

First, I have Dr. Natasha Beck walk me through “the systems” she has in place for her own young family and what a non-chaotic day could look like at our house if we make some simple but deliberate changes in our routine. We tackle everything from getting to school on time, to mastering the school lunch, to transitioning into the late afternoon without backpacks and shoes all over the floor, as well as techniques for soothing that “after-school” attitude. I even toss in a listener question: How a mother can find more patience with her three year-old now that she’s exhausted from a newborn? Cause honestly, who doesn't hope for a little more patience during major transitions.

And then I have a parent-teacher meeting with Jennifer Hunt, a second generation early childhood educator. “The best preschool teacher in the world” according to my daughter Sabrina shares with me how the heck she gets all those little kids to actually listen, what advice she has for concerned parents of “the new kid”, what it’s like having her own toddler start preschool, and how you might approach a teacher to be your ally if you’re having behavioral issues at home. Finally, we share children’s books tacking separation anxiety and back-to-school you’ll want to add to your bedtime reading. x Ellie Knaus

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Dr. Natasha Beck (Dr. Organic Mommy)


Dr. Natasha Beck is a mom of three with two fur babies. She has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology specializing in pediatric neuropsychology. She has a masters in public health and a BA in Neuroscience and Psychology.

Jennifer Hunt

Jennifer Hunt has over 10 years of teaching experience in both public and private schools. She received a BS from Bridgewater State University, as well as an Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Education from UCLA. Each day in the classroom allows her to see the world through the eyes of her students, and gives her immense hope for the future. Along with teaching, the other loves of her life are her husband and two year old daughter.


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