Separation Anxiety Series | Jennifer Waldburger

Separation Anxiety on Atomic Moms podcast

Part One (Episode No. 86): Parenting expert and Atomic Moms mentor Jennifer Waldburger answers a million questions in this two-parter with host Ellie Knaus. In this episode Jennifer offers practical tips for both the “rejected” parent and the “preferred ” parent. We discuss what attachment means and the signs of a healthy attachment. And we take a long hard look at our need to be needed and also mommy separation anxiety.

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Part Two: Guest Jennifer Waldburger and host Ellie Knaus go WAY DEEP. In episode No. 90, we break down the steps for healthy separation, discuss how we can help our children be more independent from us, talk about attachment patterns that can arise generation after generation, share the neurological response of “separation anxiety”, and offer tips for saying goodbye at school drop off. Click Play Button to Listen!

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Co-founder of Sleepy Planet Parenting and co-director of Mindfulness at Stephen S. Wise School in Los Angeles, Jennifer has co-written The Sleepeasy Solution and Calm Mama, Happy Baby. Click the book covers for more info! Sleepeasy SolutionCalm Mama, Happy Baby