LA Parent Magazine Features Atomic Moms!

LA Parent magazine So honored that L.A. Parent is featuring us in their July issue. It's a beautiful & complementary print magazine that celebrates community and parenting. Here's the link for Elena Epstein's article:…/ellie-knaus-podcasting-parenting/

Ellie Knaus wants to get to know you. The real you, control issues, neuroses, mommy guilt and all. And that’s exactly what she does each week through her popular parenting podcast, “Atomic Moms,” where she “celebrates and commiserates” with best-selling authors, parenting experts and parents all over the world. Her goal: share the universal story of parenthood with humor and authenticity.

Knaus is a writer, actress and mom to 2-year-old Sabrina. An L.A. transplant, the Houston native came to California after earning her theater degree from Smith College. Witty and well read, Knaus describes herself as a “recovering perfectionist” with a Lucille Ball kind of sensibility. She uses humor and her own vulnerability to draw in her listeners. She loves delving into people’s lives and telling their stories. She brings her curiosity and enthusiasm for the challenges and joys of raising a child to her podcasts, and Knaus’ stories of growing and learning as a mom give them an intimate feel. Her international listeners are responding with notes of thanks for making them feel understood and sane.

Read the interview here: LA PARENT Magazine

After speaking with creative director Elena Epstein I had to have her on the podcast. Her episode has become one of my all-time faves. Check it out. It's called: "Multicultural Parenting".