Lifelong Family Secret | Liz Pryor

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For nearly 40 years Atomic Moms guest LIZ PRYOR has kept a tremendous secret. In 1979 she moved into a government run, lock down facility for pregnant teenage girls and secretly gave birth to a child she’d never meet. Liz's new memoir "Look At You Now: My Journey from Shame to Strength," (Random House) explains her affluent and scholarly parents’ decision to send her away and what happens once she gets there. Liz’s siblings, friends, and relatives have not heard the truth until now. On Atomic Moms, we talk about legacy, the adoption, heritage, and shame, divorce, secrets, and second careers. We also ask this charismatic mother of three and "Good Morning America's Advice Guru" to help us with mama "overwhelm". Subscribe on iTunes to get the weekly podcast first. And continue the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (@atomicmoms).