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Click Play to Stream Episode # 97 [smart_track_player url="https://rss.art19.com/episodes/efaafac0-ceb1-4708-a84a-894293a7142f.mp3" title="Understanding Montessori" social="true" social_twitter="true" social_facebook="true" ] Understanding Montessori | Jeanne-Marie Paynel, guest on Atomic Moms Podcast Mom pals Ellie Knaus and Bridget Moloney-Sinclair call on Voila Montessori founder JEANNE-MARIE PAYNEL to sort out our child-rearing chaos. We learn: how to simplify our family’s morning routine so we don’t lose our marbles, how to calmly handle mealtime struggles, why Montessori classrooms don't have pretend play objects or talking animal books, and how to create a home environment in which our children can thrive as independent learners. Thanks to podcast #97 Ellie is wondering how she’ll get her exercise now that she won’t be sunscreen play-wrestling her toddler every morning. And for listeners with older kids, you won’t want to miss the choice Jeanne-Marie Paynel's own remarkable mother gave her in high school. Understanding Montessori | Jeanne-Marie Paynel, guest on Atomic Moms Podcast | Be The Best Parent You Can Be |

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On children exploring actual objects rather than plastic representations (like play food):
"I remember being blown away when I went to Pablo Picasso's museum in Barcelona. You see his drawings that he did as a young child. They were so precise and so classical. Had this real notion of the concrete and the real. From that, his own imagination exploded. That's the way I see it with a young child. We want to give them what is real and they will develop their own imagination. They do pretend, they do play. You don't forbid them to do that, but it comes from them. It's not something that we set up for them to pretend.                                                                                              - Jeanne-Marie Paynel on Atomic Moms