Curating Change

Smith College, Mom's The Bomb | Atomic Moms, Ellie Knaus | Parenting PodcastThank you Smith College for featuring our podcast in the "Curating Change" Alumnae Quarterly issue! I showed Sabrina her picture in this magazine full of bad ass women. And I got all choked up when I took a moment to acknowledge what a B.F.D. it is that Smith College wants to spotlight what all us Atomic Mamas/ Dads/Caregivers are up to. We can change the world starting at home! #mompower #womenincharge

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A champion for women leadership around the world, Margaux Bergen has worked with the non-profit Vital Voices. She has held senior communications positions at The Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty, The United Way and the World Bank, and is now with the women-led, conscious journalism site ORBMedia. On Atomic Moms we talk about her new memoir Navigating Life: Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me, respectful parenting, the dreaded resume gap, solitude vs. loneliness, and how we can veer away from our dysfunctional family history and find our way back to our essential self.

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