Take a Deep Dive with Selena Willows

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This episode could save your child's life. I can’t wait for you to meet guest SELENA WILLOWS, a mom of two, a nutrition and wellness coach as well as the child swim instructor who taught my toddler to swim safely across a pool in less than two weeks! We’ll talk with Selena about water safety (like the chilling fact that it takes less than 20 seconds for a child to stop fighting for breath), the spiritual experience of witnessing a child push past their fears and perceived limitations, as well as how she coaches. “Swimming is one of those things that children can learn very quickly if people get out of their way,” Selena says. “I often say I don’t so much teach as I facilitate. I provide a safe environment where kids are empowered and they get to learn how to swim -- they get to teach themselves how to swim. I guide them, but I do very little instruction.” We also go WAY BEYOND swim lessons into Selena’s mantra to “live life on purpose” and her own transformative experience of LOSING 100 pounds. And Selena will offer a “breakthrough homework assignment” for us moms to achieve greater clarity about getting to the root of shame and how it affects us physically inside and out. P.S. Here's hoping I kick this preschool cold by the time Sabrina is in college. Jeez Louise. Selena’s blog: http://www.selenawillows.com/

Swim to Selena: http://www.swimtoselena.com/

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