Family Huddle | Ellie Knaus and Adam Sztykiel

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We're celebrating the midpoint of my second pregnancy! 20 weeks down. 20 weeks to go. I sit down with Adam Sztykiel (comedy screenwriter/ sitcom show runner/ husband of almost 10 years) to catch up on all the ridiculousness happening at Chez Sztykiel. I find out what it's like living with a pregnant zombie (me) who has suddenly revived herself with an intense second trimester "nesting” frenzy. Our toddler correspondent, Sabrina, makes her Atomic Moms debut to reveal the gender of our baby! And throughout the episode, she pops in to share her thoughts on having a sibling, what’s hot in entertainment news (on Nick Jr), and to belt out "Moana". She’s pushing hard for her own spin-off podcast (N-O) or a spot on Ellen (not gonna happen). We also answer listener questions about the ways in which our first child is like us and totally different from us, how Adam measures up to his own manly-man father, and the most exciting purchase Ellie has made this year (yes, folks, it’s a label maker).

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