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[Holiday Re-Run] Buh bye clutter! Robyn Reynolds swears we can organize ANYTHING that's worth keeping. This single mom with a can-do spirit and no-nonsense attitude whips Ellie's haphazard "put away" habits into shape. She teaches us how to streamline our kitchen in order to turn our morning routines into a well-caffeinated machine. She walks us through the process of getting our closets under control (and saving money in the process!), and gives an excellent mom hack for how the heck to keep track of what-you-put-where in all those darn diaper bag pockets. In this podcast, you'll also laugh at what a rainy day means at Robyn's L.A. home and how to keep your cool with home maintenance issues, like when the 1-800 customer service for your broken washing machine is leaving you high and dry. Bravo TV, are you listening? Cause Atomic Moms is pretty sure that Robyn Reynolds, Long Island's answer to Marie Kondo, needs her own show!

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About our Guest: Founded in 2008, stepping out as a first-time entrepreneur, Robyn created her professional organizing company with the intent to manage the mundane, simplify the complexities of everyday life, and bring harmony to your home or office. Using her childhood home as her personal workshop, she found joy in organizing and re-organizing every room, closet, cabinet and drawer to perfection. As an adult, Robyn continued to hone her skills as a fashion merchandiser and a personal assistant. After a short-lived career as an actress, Robyn found herself at a professional crossroad. She decided to take a leap of faith and follow her lifelong dream of creating an environment where organizing was her focus and Organize2Harmonize was born. As a long-time member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), a Certified Professional Organizer and a Golden Circle Member, Robyn has steadily grown her business into a recognized and trusted name in the organization industry. In addition to being quoted in the Huffington Post, Woman’s Day magazine and numerous other publications, Robyn has also worked on the television show “Hoarders.” She just published her first book and is working on another one.

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