Rachel Blanchard on Standing Your Ground & Always Finding the Upside


After a forced evacuation from the raging California fires, film and television actress (and dynamite human being) Rachel Blanchard, her composer hubby Jeremy Turner, and their baby girl Maxine spent the week with us at Chez Sztykiel! It was a terrible situation, but we were so grateful to get to have the time with them. In this hilarious mom-friend episode, we're talking: calm walks turned stressful stroller fits, dixie cups full of wine, babies falling off beds, husbands with solitary jobs (screenwriter vs composer), baby raising while working on set, co-sleeping, crib mishaps, moving houses, children's privacy, social media free weddings, photo book making, evacuating fires, surviving the holidays, finding quiet time, postpartum complications, pubes, and the ridiculous way Ellie got a parking ticket.

Rachel Blanchard is an actress best known for - PEEP SHOW, FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS & FARGO. She can currently be seen on Directv’s YOU, ME, HER. Ellie also wants everyone to remember she was Cher in the television show CLUELESS. Her husband Jeremy Turner is Former Assistant Principal Cello with the Metropolitan Opera turned Emmy nominated composer (and the composer of Atomic Moms theme song!).

xx Ellie Knaus

Special thanks to sound engineer Owen O'Neill and composer Jeremy Turner.