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"When the Kids Get Sick" Survival Guide | Becky Friedman, Nikki DeLoach, Caissie Levy

New! How do you make it through the week when - surprise - the kids get sick? Quarantined in her podcast studio, Ellie Knaus sends out the mom-bat signal to returning beloved guests: Emmy-winner Becky Friedman (Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood) and actress Nikki DeLoach. We break down: favorite hand sanitizers, back up babysitters, the social anxiety of having the kid with the cough, and what these mothers do to reboot before heading to work after all night up with the kids. We've all heard the show must go on, but Ellie also shares a truly incredible moment from her interview with Caissie Levy, ya know, Elsa in Frozen, the Broadway Musical about a recent experience when her toddler fell ill right before an evening performance.

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